Postcard of the Week: Australia Day

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I’m always a little ambivalent about Australia Day. While I’m proudly Australian (most of the time), I’m becoming more and more convinced that we need to find a more appropriate date on which to celebrate Australia Day. So I had a hard time coming up with a postcard for today. Then I thought of this sunflower photo that I originally posted on Instagram, where it attracted a huge number of ‘likes’. It’s flourishing in a garden in our beautiful National Capital, where we are currently staying, and it sends a cheerful message in green and gold as we celebrate how blessedly lucky we are to live in this Great Southern Land.

Photo & text © Christine Salins

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  • I’m with you on this one, Christine… as the child of migrants in this great land of ours, I am always conscious about our indigenous people and how hurt they must surely feel about the ‘celebrations’ on this day. I do love the green and gold of the sunflower… nice one for our national day. xo

  • I agree a new date is needed; and while we are at it, let’s get rid of knighthoods and toadying to British royalty.

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