Christine’s Top 10 Romantic Destinations

I’m fortunate to have visited some of the world’s most romantic destinations so here, in recognition of Valentine’s Day, are my Top 10 picks.


Santorini, Greece.

Drop-dead gorgeous … that’s the only way to describe this most beautiful of Greek islands.


Positano, Italy.

Long before she wrote her book, My Amalfi Coast, I envied Amanda Tabberer for scooting off to Italy and settling down with a bloke in Positano. A couple of years ago, I finally got to see what all the fuss was about – and yes, Positano is very charming (but my heart was already taken).


Venice, Italy.

Another one in Italy but it wouldn’t be a list of Top 10 Romantic Destinations without Venice, would it?


Paris, France.

Paris … city of love … city for lovers … beautiful at any time of year, the perfect place for tête-à-tête and a great city for jazz (which sure makes it sexy).


Granada, Spain.

When my love and I first got together, we talked about the places we dreamed of visiting and the Alhambra in Granada was top of our list. Last month we went there. In the midst of two weeks of rain, the clouds parted, the sun shone and all was good with the world.


Oahu, Hawaii.

I’ve been to Hawaii a couple of times and although I’ve never managed to get off the main island, the combination of sun, surf and cocktails is intoxicating – not to mention strolling in Waikiki and listening to Iz’s medley of Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World playing everywhere.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora, Tahiti.

There are few places in the world where the water is as blue as it is in Bora Bora. And it’s not everywhere that you get to be serenaded by a gorgeous bloke, all in a day’s work.

Turtle Island, Fiji

Turtle Island, Fiji.

Couples only, über-luxurious private burés and lovely friendly staff who know when to help and when to give you privacy. One day we were taken by boat to our own private beach and left there with lobster and a bottle of Champagne for a few hours. Heaven.

Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary @ Laguna Phuket, Thailand.

I have to confess I didn’t actually stay in one of the villas in the Spa Sanctuary (pictured above). I actually stayed in a villa in the adjoining Banyan Tree resort. My villa was very luxurious with a private swimming pool in a lush tropical garden. But I was shown into one of the Spa Sanctuary villas and I think if you’re looking for pampering as well as seclusion, it’d be hard to beat. Imagine having that pool and garden all to yourselves!

Crystal Creek

Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat, Tweed Valley, NSW, Australia.

I can think of lots of romantic destinations in Australia but I’ve chosen this one because of the lengths they go to to create the right atmosphere for a proposal or romantic surprise. The 10 bungalows overlook pristine rainforest bordered on three sides by World Heritage National Park. This beautiful table is set up under a giant strangler fig tree at the edge of a bubbling brook. Bliss.


This list is by no means exhaustive. There are zillions of other places where I’d love to sail off into the sunset with my man. Next year perhaps?


  • Love your suggestions, Chris, but for me, the most romantic place in the world is Bangor Castle, Northern Ireland, where I lived out a dream very recently! And this was closely followed by Lake Myvatn in Iceland on a winter’s night, bathing in a thermal pool together with my love!

    • Yes, I agree … it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you’re with the one you love, then it’s very romantic.

  • Christine, you are so fortunate you have travelled so much to these beautiful places. I’ve got the travel bug now after our recent Bali trip and just want to keep exploring the world. All these destinations look beautiful and romantic.

    • Hi Catherine, Aussies are especially lucky that it’s cheap for us to travel abroad at the moment (a refreshing change from what it was a few years ago). There are lots of good deals out there…

      • Great selections! I have not visited the Pacific except for a 22 day luxury cruise on the USNS Upshur from Tacoma to Quinhon, Vietnam, my delightful troop ship, but have discovered romantic settings worth exploring at Villa Blanca in the cloud forests near San Ramon, Costa Rica and Si Como No on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica at Manuel Antonio; in Spain, Segovia is personal and intimate, and my favorite is the Spectra Hotel on the Hippodrome in Istanbul….from the small roof cafe, you can see the Sea of Marmara, the Blue Mosque and the roof gardens of the surrounding neighborhoods…a wonderful city day or night. Thanks for sharing!

      • Some wonderful suggestions there – thanks for sharing. My list is lacking destinations in the Americas. Hopefully I’ll be able to rectify that with future trips!

  • Have been to all these destinations (different hotels of course) except Tahiti. Agree that they are all so wonderful in v different ways. I want to explore Western Samoa again too…some v beautiful beaches with white sand plus not $$$ & touristy like parts of Fiji. Food was great in 90s & wd imagine even better now. We’re off to Sth America in May. I write reviews on Trip Advisor so if ur interested send me a pm on FB & I can give u my TA name. TA tried to link it to my fb but I didn’t want that as every review I did popped up on friends’ news feeds – I didn’t want that to happen. My purpose was to help fellow travellers like they assist me with good info:)

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