Spring Seed Wine Co ‘Poppy’ Pinot Grigio

Poppy Pinot Grigio made by Spring Seed Wine Co, McLaren Vale

Okay, I confess. I’m a sucker for a beautiful wine label. Tsk, tsk, I hear all the serious wine buffs saying. It’s what’s in the bottle that counts. Well, yes, that’s true, but it’s even better when it’s packaged with style.

I love the label on this Pinot Grigio from the Spring Seed Wine Co. I know it’s very girly but it’s so cheerful and pretty. When I came across this bottle on the same day my daughter arrived home with these gorgeous pink flowers, I knew immediately that they were the perfect match for our table.

Wouldn’t you agree they’d brighten any room?

Battle of Bosworth wine, McLaren Vale, South Australia

2012 ‘Poppy’ is the first Pinot Grigio made by the Spring Seed Wine Co, whose trademark labels are inspired by vintage flower seed packets.

It’s a light, fresh wine with a gentle aroma of nashi pear … a perfect summer drop. It hasn’t had so much as a whiff of oak, and it comes from a certified organic vineyard in McLaren Vale.

Spring Seed Wine Co is a parallel label for Battle of Bosworth, which makes a superb wild-fermented Chardonnay and some great reds, as you’d expect from this South Australian region. Their 2010 ‘Best of Vintage’ blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Petit Verdot is pure class.

Joch Bosworth and Louise Hemsley-Smith, owners of Bosworth Wines and Spring Seed Wine Co

The vineyards were established in the early 1970s by Peter and Anthea Bosworth, and are now owned and run by their son Joch and his partner, Louise Hemsley-Smith (this and other pictures supplied by Louise).

They began the conversion to organic viticulture in 1995 and the vines are now fully certified ‘A’ grade organic. In 2011, they opened a cellar door in a 160-year-old converted chaff shed and stables with views over the vines to McLaren Vale and Gulf St Vincent.

Spring Seed Wine Co has a beautiful website in keeping with its beautiful labels.

Battle of Bosworth cellar door, McLaren Vale


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  • Glad I’m not the only one, Christine! I’m also a sucker for a lovely or unusual wine label. Some of them are just so creative. Love this one, and I’m partial to a drop of pinot grigio so I’ll keep my eye out for it.

  • I feel almost embarrassed to say I buy wacky wine labels. If the wine has positive tasting notes and comes recommended, I buy it for the name and the label. I’ve found some tremendous wines this way. Bird in Hand, Dog Point, Killerman’s Run, Dead Arm, etc. 🙂 I should look into pretty labels.

    • Don’t be embarrassed Maureen. As you say, you’ve come across a lot of wines you really enjoyed, and that’s what counts!

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