Chandon 2015 Vintage Brut

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Chandon 2015 Vintage Brut, $35

Dan Buckle is a meticulous winemaker and the evidence of that is in the pristine sparkling wines he turns out at Domaine Chandon’s Yarra Valley winery. This is the first Chandon Vintage Brut to be made purely from estate vineyards, allowing even greater control and precision in the process. Chandon has two wonderful, mature cool-climate sites at Whitlands and the Strathbogie Ranges, and with this new approach, the blend begins in the vineyard, with the best blocks already selected at pruning time. By pressing the grapes in the vineyard, thus minimising the time between harvest and pressing, the delicate aroma is protected and phenolic extraction is minimised. Such a lot of love and care to produce a wine for our drinking pleasure. A little yeasty and nutty with zesty citrus notes, it has fine bubbles and persistent mousse, and frankly, you could drink it with almost anything.

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