Logan 2016 Clementine Pinot Gris

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Logan 2016 Clementine Pinot Gris, $23

Given the delicate orange hue of this wine, it’s fitting that it should carry the name Clementine. A delicious hybrid fruit (Mediterranean citrus meets sweet orange), Clementine is also the name of winemaker Peter Logan’s daughter. And as it happens, Logan Wines is located in Orange NSW – all very fitting, isn’t it? Just like the (darling) Clementine, this vibrant, aromatic wine is a package of sweetness and spice and all things nice. Thanks to the skins having been included in the ferment for a couple of weeks, it is more savoury, more complex and should age more gracefully than Pinot Gris traditionally does. It pairs beautifully with food – try it with charcuterie or salmon – and while it is bright and bursting with fruit now, little Clementine should be able to enjoy its deeper fruit and spice flavours in another decade or so. And how about that label? Positively gorgeous for those who love cute and pretty!

Logan 2016 Clementine Pinot Gris


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