Raidis Estate 2012 The Wild Goat Shiraz

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Raidis Estate 2012 The Wild Goat Shiraz, $28

In the long-established Coonawarra wine region, Steven and Emma Raidis are the new ‘kids’ on the block. Although the Raidis family has farmed in the region for a long time, their first wine wasn’t produced until 2006. Their hands-on approach includes selecting only the best grapes; their goats are allowed into the vineyard to eat the rest. It’s great for sustainability and makes for lots of ‘kid’ and billy goat analogies in their labelling. The Wild Goat was released earlier this year and immediately impressed me with its delicious drinkability – a bit like having chocolate mints with your meal rather than after. Its the first Shiraz released under the Raidis Estate label and what a commendable effort it is. Medium-bodied and super smooth, it is proof that this notable Cabernet region also does jolly good Shiraz.

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