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In the middle of winter, a beautiful looking pineapple adds a little ray of sunshine to our lives, wouldn’t you agree? But although they look very tempting, so often the pineapples we buy fail to deliver. They’re either under-ripe or over-ripe, and often they are just too sour for my liking. It’s rare to find pineapples as sweet as the ones we tasted in Fiji many years ago. Pineapples have become something of a standing joke in our household because Maurie constantly craves them but 9 out of every 10 we buy are disappointing. Like a kid in a lolly shop, he just keeps going back for more! Thankfully, this big beauty that we bought from the Redcliffe market was more satisfying than most., In My Kitchen, pineapplem Regional Flavours, Vittoria coffee,

The Redcliffe show was held recently and we popped along to see what it was like. It’s a small, old-fashioned, country-style show but we had fun (the pig race was very, very funny!) We bought some tickets in a raffle and I was lucky enough to win third prize: a lovely hamper filled with everything from capers, salt and curry paste to Guylian chocolates and chocolate-coated strawberries., In My Kitchen, pineapplem Regional Flavours, Vittoria coffee,

Also in my kitchen this month are Brookfarm porrij, a selection of couscous, organic coconut flour and spices we bought from Red Hot Chilli Pepper (an excellent shop in Caloundra), and a copy of Changing Habits Changing Lives that I bought from a Caloundra op shop., In My Kitchen, pineapplem Regional Flavours, Vittoria coffee,

I did an excellent workshop at The Beansmith, a new Brisbane venture with a coffee roaster and cafe, where I learnt all the ins and outs of brewing coffee. And I got to take home some freshly roasted beans., In My Kitchen, pineapplem Regional Flavours, Vittoria coffee,

Still on the coffee trail, this wonderful bag of goodies was the take-home gift for everyone attending the launch of The Brisbane Times Good Food Good. Vittoria Coffee has been a long-time sponsor of the awards and their very generous gift included an enormous bag of coffee beans, Darjeeling tea, Santa Vittoria beverages, balsamic vinegar from Modena, and pappardelle., In My Kitchen, pineapplem Regional Flavours, Vittoria coffee,

Kipfler potatoes and the most beautiful garlic from the North Lakes farmers market., In My Kitchen, pineapplem Regional Flavours, Vittoria coffee,

Roasted seaweed, oyster sauce, Vietnamese dressing and a soup base for Vietnamese pho from an Asian food store in Caloundra., In My Kitchen, pineapplem Regional Flavours, Vittoria coffee,

This must be the month for hampers because we’re also excitedly tucking into all the delicious goodies in a lovely box that was given to us to help spread the word about Regional Flavours, a fabulous event being held in Brisbane on July 18-19. Surprise! Among the beautiful fresh produce it included was a very handsome pineapple. And it was sweet!

Thanks to Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting In My Kitchen each month – go to her blog and take a peek into many other lovely kitchens.

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  • Lots of deliciousness in your kitchen… I could devour a slice of that pineapple right now! Greetings from County Durham xx

  • Ooh I love hampers. Sometimes it’s just nice to have other people pick out a selection of mystery goodies for you. I’ve made some amazing discoveries that way! I love pineapple. When I find a yummy one, that has a top (rare these days) I always save it to plant in my garden. I’ve got a collection now, but they grow so slowly that they’re treasured like gold when I do get to pick one 🙂

  • If you look for pineapple with rough spiky leaves… they are usually smaller, but always sweet 🙂 Or alternatively wait until one of the middle spikes pulls out easily, the riper, sometimes that will mean it is sweeter… I hope that helps as I also love pineapple and these two helps made my life much better :)I must say I’m a bit jealous of all your lovely hampers, they look divine 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!
    Liz xx

  • I agree with your disappointment in pineapples. They end up being a lot to eat if they don’t taste nice. I often only buy them if one is cut open to display their colour. You are going to have a busy month getting through those goodies!

  • loving all the asian goodies, I love asian supermarkets, always end up spending loads! Lovely pineapple too, Such a good IMK this month

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