Postcard of the Week: Vienna, Austria

AustriaYou know that Austrian cuisine has come of age when you see the incredible array of products in Julius Meinl, a food store established in Vienna in 1826. The owner is the fifth generation of the family to run this business which has a fantastic deli on the first floor and a wine bar in the cellar. They roast their own coffee, make wonderful marmalades, and sell fabulous liverwurst and freshly made salads. You can smell the cheese long before you see it, the fish section is a treat and I adore these glistening marzipan fruits which are so cheery and festive. Chefs across Austria are creating a new cuisine with subtle textures and polished flavours, but at this Viennese icon, the old and the new waltz to the same tune.

Photo & text © Christine Salins

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