Das Toto Washlet

Das Toto Washlet

I’ve recently returned from Europe and will have lots of stories in the coming weeks about many of the places we visited. But in the meantime I can’t wait to tell you about an experience I had at Frankfurt airport.

The Qantas Club uses the facilities of the JAL lounge at Frankfurt and that was how I came to be acquainted with Das Toto Washlet.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the toilet door and saw the toilet lid magically opening! It was zero degrees and snowing outside in icy Frankfurt, but when I sat down, the toilet seat was invitingly warm.

On the wall to my right was a panel of instructions for no less than 15 functions … I’m not kidding. I only road-tested two of them (and I’m not going to reveal which ones they were – some things shall remain private).

But the one that had me most intrigued was the tornado flush. Now what the hell is that? I was too nervous to find out.

While I’m on the subject of toilets, you might be interested in a little project I’ve been undertaking. Over the past few years, I’ve been photographing signs on toilet doors around the world.

Take a look at my photo gallery to see some of the cute, interesting and quirky signs I’ve encountered on my travels.

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