In My Kitchen – July 2012


In my kitchen in July, we are feasting on blackberries, bought frozen from the Capital Region Farmers Market. They’re a little bit tart but we’re enjoying them with blackberry sorbet.

Quite sweet, a nice balance for the fruit, the sorbet was made by the amazingly talented John Marshall, aka Mr Frugii.

John sells his Frugii icecream at farmers’ markets in Canberra nearly every weekend, and far from the chilly weather putting people off, his sales have soared through winter. Why let below zero temperatures put you off something so yummy?

Now I don’t want you to think it’s all about icecream this month but we’re also enjoying Frugii’s Gorgonzola icecream.

We drizzled some truffle honey over sliced pears and added a tiny dollop of Maggie Beer’s pear paste, a crisp savoury biscuit and a scoop of the Gorgonzola icecream.

Not quite a cheese plate and not quite a dessert, it was a fabulous finale for a special dinner.

We’ve added some great products to the kitchen pantry in July, including these wonderful olive oils that Dennis Gizas is bringing in from Greece. The trees on his family farm near Kalamata are hundreds of years old, and there’s a lovely story behind his Dionysus oils.

We also have a small bottle of hazelnut oil produced by The Nuttery in Longwood East, Victoria.

We bought it at the Giddy Goat Café in Yarck during our recent trip south. I love it drizzled over salads.

How’s this for cute? I rarely buy cakes but it was my daughter’s birthday recently and I happened to be walking past a pastry shop when I spotted this tiramisu puppy with Tam’s name all over it.

Taste Le Tour

And finally, in my kitchen in July, I’m caught up in Tour de France fever, eyeing off the gorgeous Gabriel Gaté on the telly and dipping into his sweet little Taste Le Tour cookbook. It’s available from Fishpond, from which I also recently bought this delightful little book, Quiet Corners of Paris.

Before I get lost in my thoughts about a French getaway, I must say a big thank you to Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting In My Kitchen In July.

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  • In my kitchen in July, I’m feasting on a delicious roasted capsicum and tomato soup, recipe courtesy of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet – a rich, full-bodied soup which tastes great and has the added bonus of being good for you!

    • Isn’t it sweet? I rarely venture into shopping malls and even more rarely venture into pastry shops in malls, but this one just happened to catch my eye. And needless to say, Tamara loved it!

  • Hi Christine,

    That puppy is so cute, I bet your daughter loved it. Thanks for showing us all your purchases this month. A speculaas mould next month??

  • Gorgonzola icecream! I never heard of such a thing – it sounds absolutely amazing! I’m not surprised people buy more sorbets and icecreams in winter though – they don’t melt on the way home! 🙂

    That puppy really is too cute for words, and I’ve had a crush on Gabriel Gate since I was young – surely he’s not still a hottie? 😉

    Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us, Christine! x

  • Hmm- I thought I left you a comment.
    Because- that ice cream and blackberry photo makes my mouth water.
    And that cake is adorable- and it’s tiramisu? It would be hard to cut it- but then- eating is the best way for a cake to go!
    Really enjoyed this post- thanks!

    • Hello Heidi, Yes it was certainly hard to cut the cake but, believe me, it was demolished pretty quickly!

  • A lovely post Christine! Those blackberries look absolutley divine and I am intrigued by the oils from kalamata! Where do you purchase them? Is there a website? Thanks in advance!!

    • Thanks for your kind comments and sorry for the belated reply! The oils are widely available around Canberra but I’ll look into it and see if they are sold further afield.

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